Packaging Waste – 15.02.17

We here at Purely are passionate about reducing waste in all its forms.  This Blog is about highlighting to all the needless and ridiculous waste in all the packaging all around us.  We will Blog regularly about the waste we see & find and hopefully you join us too.


We will look to Name and Shame & hopefully it will look to stimulate debate and hopefully action for the better.  These views are all our own, but hopefully you will look to contribute your views, ideas & examples along the way.


So a few days ago we purchased Magic Whiteboard Paper from AMAZON, delivered on time, at a price we thought good and delivery driver was very polite and friendly.  However please look at the pictures – how much packing? How much air is Amazon shipping?  To think we pay for delivery and for packaging?  Are we all so needy as to demand products now now now?

Could Amazon not offer a service as std, that if the correct / most suitable packaging format is not available, then as a customer we would be prepared to wait a specified time?  I for one would certainly look to utlise this service.  Thus cost benefit, environmental benefit & margin benefit – we would all win.  I would say though as consumers we all NEED to and indeed have a responsibility to aid this process and stop demanding our goods NOW NOW NOW.


Would welcome your thoughts and comments.



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