Human Resources (HR) is now so much more than the hiring and firing of personnel.  It can be described as the life cycle of an employee.  It covers the recruitment of, management of and exit of anyone within your organisation, whether that is an employee or a contractor.

Human Resources also covers the processes and policies that the organisation must adhere to including compliance with legal requirements such as equal opportunities or health and safety.  In addition, it provides the tools, training, talent acquisition and legal and management advice to ensure your organisation runs smoothly and is protected at all times.

For small businesses, and even some larger corporations, many of these tasks may take up time or require skills that the existing team do not have.  This is where Purely HR can help.

Purely HR provides tailor made support to clients ensuring you have the right advice when you need it.

We understand that, in order to be effective, HR must be supporting and engaging whilst ensuring your organisations growth strategies and legal compliance are adhered to.  Fully scalable, Purely HR is by your side, working with you in a way that suits your needs and requirements.


HR Projects

Policy updates 

Policies and Procedures can take up Manager’s valuable time, we can take that off your hands, giving you succinct up to date policies, in line with current Employment Law.


Writing job descriptions, managing the recruitment process, undertaking background checks and training employees takes time and money.  Purely HR can be your extended HR department and free up your time to work on your business.

Disciplinary and employee harassment cases

The number of sexual harassment cases, unfair dismissal complaints and unfavourable responses to badly managed disciplinaries have soared in recent years.  This has resulted in many organisations feeling ill-equipped to deal with the resulting meetings, hearings and unsure of what to say.  Purely HR will be by your side to ensure you are responding correctly and within the legal framework.

Retained Services

Whether you require ongoing monitoring and updating of your policies, outsourced payroll or training and coaching of your team, we are here to support your business.  All our retained services are bespoke and regularly reviewed to guarantee you have the appropriate services to meet your individual business requirements at a price that is right for you.


Want to know more?

We believe that HR is a partnership, we need to know you and your business, and you need to have confidence in our solutions.

Contact us today for a no obligation introductory meeting so we can discuss your requirements and how Purely HR can help.