Health & Wellness in the workplace

Health, Wellness and wellbeing in the workplace.

A topic that is often discussed, but what does your business do to support your greatest asset, the employees?

To help your business we have compiled a list of activities for you to consider trying in your office or workplace;

  • Set up a health & wellness committee and have them take responsibility for implementing the selected ideas for health promotion activities.
  • Designate a wellness coordinator for implementing and monitoring action plans.
  • Assign a budget for health & wellness in the workplace activities.
  • Develop good employment practice and policies, e.g., communication systems; training & personal development; supervision, appraisal and mentoring; attendance / absence management; equal opportunities; return to work/rehabilitation for people with illnesses or disabilities; time off for career responsibilities (children, other dependents); job sharing; flexi-time & flexible hours / days; dealing with harassment & bullying; grievance procedure; disciplinary procedure.
  • Include health & wellness in the workplace activities in your management teams objectives.
  • Link green & environmental issues with opportunities for physical activity – walking & cycling to work.  Cycle to work schemes for example is a great benefit to offer.
  • Assess the needs for different kinds of health and wellness in  all your workplace activities, from shop floor to office and so on. 


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