Why is MASTER DATA so important to your organisation?   Simply googling what Master Data is or means, can have you tied up for hours if not days sifting through many definitions and interpretations.  Master data is the core data that is essential to the operation of a business or business unit, i.e., customers, suppliers, […]

Why your organisation CAN & WILL benefit from implementing and S&OP process   Sales & Operation Planning (S&OP) is more often than not, the least understood & utilised aspect within Supply Chain Management. Effective S&OP provides the key communication links for senior mgt. to coordinate the various planning activities within the business.  The objective is […]

Lost Sheep

Are there any similarities between coaching and being a shepherdess?  On the way home on a sunny afternoon after a great morning with a client, I was driving along, enjoying the sunshine when the car coming towards me flashed their headlights in what I assumed was their way of asking me to slow down.  I […]

KPI’s / Business Metrics   Business KPI’s / Business Metrics matter, no matter the size of your business, they MATTER.   KPI’s or BM’s measure how your company is performing or not.  Any business process can be measurable and the measure used needs to impactive, informative, relevant, accurate & timely.   We operate in a […]

We here at Purely are passionate about reducing waste in all its forms.  This Blog is about highlighting to all the needless and ridiculous waste in all the packaging all around us.  We will Blog regularly about the waste we see & find and hopefully you join us too.   We will look to Name […]

To brainstorm brilliance There’s a common saying that goes along the lines of, “nobody is smarter than all of us”.  In other words, the collective power of many is far superior to the single power of one.  How many times have you sat down and wondered, right what’s next, what else can I do, what have I […]

Today we have joined Office Essential, an organisation dedicated to helping both SME’s and start-up’s finding the right support for their needs. “Office Essential is a one-stop solution for everything your Company will require to reach your potential efficiently and with as little fuss as possible. We have over 15 years experience in business to […]

Do you manage your supply chain or does your supply chain manage you? Active management and control of your supply chain, will add to cash flow, the bottom line and have a positive affect on your environmental impact. Purely SupplyChain can help with a free no-obligation healthcheck for your business.  This will encompass all facets, […]

Businesses of all types & sizes suffer issues with stock control & inventory management.  Every business experience variances throughout the operation for a wide variety of reasons, all of which need to be managed in a timely fashion. Effective management of your inventory will not only help with customer service, it is also critical when considering the […]