Annual Appraisals/Personal Development Reviews – useful or not?

It seems to me that managers hate doing annual reviews with their team, why? is it a lack of training from the managers? is it just too time consuming? perhaps your employees don’t feel that they can communicate with their manager, perhaps they don’t like their manager, perhaps nothing happens after the review.

One brick wall, no way forward, no learning and development, unhappy employees, motivation drops, dust gathers again for another twelve months.

Appraisals are a two way street, both manager and employee have a positive interest in getting this review done, it’s a chance to talk about the last few months, listen to the aspirations of your employee, what motivates them, why do they come to work, why have they chosen this career, where are their skills gaps… why not let them have training that has nothing to do with the business? what would be their ideal training day? listen to them, the good and bad bits.

Make a difference with your appraisal, turn it from a dull and tedious to a chat,  into an information gathering discussion, get to know your manager and your employee.

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