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Purely Supply Chain Consultancy Services

The primary objective of any organisation we have ever spoken with is, at its core, relatively simple – to deliver goods/services to clients in an efficient and cost-effective way that delights customers.

Larger organisations understand the vital role of effective supply chain management, often having teams that continually evolve and implement supply chain efficiencies.

But supply chain management shouldn’t be exclusive to larger organisations. It is not just about logistics or transport, it essentially covers the whole product lifecycle, from raw materials through to delivery.


Bringing Supply Chain to Small Business

Purely Supply Chain is passionate about aiding SME’s & start-ups.  We are not just about blue-chip Supply Chain, logistics & warehousing, we are about finding the right solutions, that leverage efficiency to reduce costs and ultimately help build your business in a sustainable & practical way.

By evaluating the procedures, systems, suppliers, and partners used throughout the lifecycle of your product or service delivery, the supply chain, small businesses can reap the benefits of reduced overheads without compromising quality or brand reputation.


How can Purely Supply Chain help your Business?

We are dedicated to helping SMEs build their business and brand reputation through effective supply chain management.

Whether you are looking for assistance in troubleshooting a particular problem or you are seeking ongoing counsel to regularly review your procedures and optimise your supply chain, Purely Supply Chain can help.

Highly analytical with a thorough understanding and appreciation of data modelling & forecasting, we will help you critically analyse your operation & business processes from start to finish, identifying areas of opportunity, threat & success.  We deliver practical, realistic, & ultimately sustainable solutions that are the right fit for your organisation.

Here are just some of the areas where we can help your business:


Demand / Sales Planning (Forecasting)

Forecasting your demand is a key requirement for any business, not only for budgeting purposes, it will also allow the business to plan the utilisation of its resources and assets, leading to a more effective and efficient operation.

Any demand planning process must always be a cross-functional process, with input from operations, logistics, finance and commercial functions. This, in an SME can often be limited, making it more fundamental to have robust processes in place.

We can help you in the design & implementation of demand planning processes, along with the development of forecasting models designed specifically for your business.

Business Process Mapping

Mapping your business process as a whole will often flag opportunities, not only for Supply Chain, but other functions too.

Appreciation of the your process’s and the how the business process’s work / link together will allow you to develop a more robust supply chain & operations vision going forward.

Business Process mapping will help with planning, whether that is production / supply planning or capacity planning.

At Purely, not only can we help with health checks, but we can help map your business process from start to finish, identifying areas of opportunity.

KPI’s / Performance metrics

KPI’s or performance metrics are quite often neglected or not fully / properly utilised.

What is a KPI / Performance metric?  This should be a measure of data which provides meaningful information (along with the background data) that the business or business function can act upon in a structured way.

Consider your audience.  Does a Warehouse operative worry about or cares about customer complaints or sales levels? or do they care more about service level and stock take accuracy?  Producing / utilising the right metric for the right audience will allow respective functions appreciate their relative performance and impact.

Purely can help with a critical appraisal of your KPI’s & metrics and help put together a business standard pack for all relevant functions.

 Production / Supply Chain Planning

Planning (Supply / Production) in different organisation will mean slightly different things to different people, however the fundamental point is still the same, effective processes & effective flows through the operation.

Warehousing, logistics & supply chain activities will often absorb a high proportion of a business’s sales, thus effective planning is crucial to controlling the overall cost base.

Planning is about optimising how all functions from Inbound logistics through operations to warehousing and outbound logistics work together in an effective manner. Thus ensuring your customers gets serviced at the right price point.

Planning in any of the guises above require a variety of skills, mind-sets and methodologies, from analytics to organisational admin. PSC will help you optimise your planning processes / functions.

Capacity Planning and Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

In order to effectively facilitate Production / Supply planning, you must have a good appreciation of your capacity constraints or bottlenecks.

Capacity issues are not only simply machine / shift / operational time, it’s important to know all issues, these can range from labour, to skills, to equipment, to storage space, to logistics and so on.

S&OP should be executed on a routine basis and needs to be ingrained into the business culture as a standard business process.

The outcomes of this will be to ensure that supply and demand are balanced in the mid-to-long term.  This should drive business action plans to review any capacity and or sales issues before they detrimentally affect the business.

We will work with you to design not only the S&OP process and related systems, but also help facilitate the management of the outcomes.

Effective optimisation of your Inventory

What levels of inventory do you really need?

How do you calculate the effective levels of inventory ensuring service to your customer without adversely affecting your cash flow?

What tools can you utilise to reduce inventory levels, whilst still servicing customers and meeting working capital & cash flow constraints?

These, we can help you answer, we will help you with strategies & methodologies, ensuring that you have a robust, sustainable & effective inventory policy for the now and the future



It starts with a conversation

Before we can advise on any aspect of your supply chain it is fundamental for us to understand you.  What are the goals and specific needs of your business, what relationships are in place and what is the ethos of the company.  This is the only way that we can truly create a bespoke solution that not only delivers results, it is embraced by your stakeholders. 

To discuss your specific needs, or if you would just like some further information on areas we may be able to assist simply drop us a line.


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